stop.....BURGER TIME

(awesome vintage blade runner style coat, and my fave casual french connection chambray. My scarf is vintage, this is me on a casual day. Messy hair, red lip, very classic, very french!)

It's official! My years of vegetarianism are over! Why you ask? Well I'm not sure, I started doing it because of my health, and then my health seemed to make a turn for the worst, THUS! Its back to full proteins. That's my mission, PROTEIN...not a lot of junk foods....unless its...


OMG, burger, HOW IVE MISSED YOU! Sorry soy, you alas, cannot compare to delicious delicious burger. I mean that's if it comes from one of my favorite joints, Flub A Dub Chubs....that's right. This family owned joint, is adjacent to top chef restaurant, Chalam Balam, but not reservations required. They always have the tv on something hilarious (today seinfield) and the atmosphere feels like your in your best friends cool suburban finish basement, thats now turned into a rec center. They pile the burgers SKY HIGH, I decided to end my non burger life with one of these bad boys. I got the Woody due to all my love for guys named Woody (Harrelson, Allen, The Cowboy) And it was....DELISH. Piled high with portabellos, onions, & swiss!

I decided to have a model meal after my model day! I always see pictures of models eating fries and burgers after a long day, so what the hay! Let's throw off my metabolism and seize the day!

om nom nom nom....


  1. mmmmm that meal looks SO damm good!

    J x

  2. Oh burgers, how I love you....I could never be just a vegger. One of my favorite meals is a burger, fries, and a chocolate milkshake. The ketchup thing is funny, though I I like ketchup on my burgers (I don't like mustard).

  3. Whoa what is this wall of shame and how does one avoid (?) it!?

  4. YUM ♥
    I love that photo of you eating the French fry too haha, so cute!


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