...after work

mint blouse (ITS A STAPLE): need supply
your cooler grandpa sweater: madewell
grandma shoes: vintage
polkadot tote: c/o madewell
polkadot cropped pants: loft

Nothing like getting that last bit of sun at the end of the day. Working full time has made me appreciate my loved ones and all I ever want to do is to rush home and be with them after work.
On this particular day it was a bit cool which made dressing a little easier than its been this week. How do you stay snazzy in this heat? HOW?

So far I've found dressing for work a fun challenge trying to stay avant without going full blargh..haha. I feel like wearing bold colors and prints but with a polished fit and classic cuts allows you to get away with a more daring look in the office. I was really proud of this look I felt so...me! So far this week the only thing I've felt is the sun...and boy is it hot. Its difficult keeping up my integrity and getting up at 6 am, all while being drenched in sweat...i looked towards my working bloggers like Jenny and Erin for office inspo! Also brands like Madewell and J.Crew make it easy but I still don't want to look like I stepped out of a catalog...gotta keep my flair! If you guys want to share any tips I'll be more than grateful...especially in this heat. Stay hydrated guys!


  1. What a fun work outfit! The bright colors suit you so well and are a wonderful break from the standard black and white and other neutral colors of the sort. YAY for working in a creative environment! :]

  2. I love this! You pair colours so unexpectedly/well

  3. i adore those pants! the whole outfit is so cute. i'm a fan of long cardigans. you are totally doing it lady, bringing your style into the office

  4. great outfit!!
    love the colors on you! :)


  5. You are the best at styling with colours! The colour comboo is brilliant!x

  6. Aw I love polka dots! :D Did you cut your hair or just tie it up? Looks cute.

    (Now that you're working full time, you can SPEND SOME MONAYYYY! ;)

  7. I love the outfit! It's definitely something you can take to the office, but is still quite unique! I recently started my first professional job out of school, and I must say, it's hard finding something to wear! I'm horrible at business casual, and I kinda refuse to wear it! Luckily, working in a library isn't so strict, so I can get away with some things that I might not be able to in an office, but I still try to tone it down a little! Still trying to figure this one out!


  8. love all the colors of this outfit! work appropriate and yet very bold

  9. I am enjoying ur blog

    I luv ur style and hair !

    i think i shud try wearing my hair out i am alwys restricting it bcuz i fear too many knots and tangles.


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