no party, no problem

silk chain blouse: vintage
shorts: FCUK
shoes: borrowed mi madres
(got to keep it simple on these hot nites!!)

Here's a little photo diary of what I thought was going to be a bad night. I was invited to a party a few weekends ago, but when I got there, they wouldn't let me in! I think the girl at the door just really didn't like the way I was dressed (cause it was too cool. RITE GUYS????)

So I made a party of my own, headed over to Wicker Park for the opening of Emporium (a barcade = bar + arcade), ate tacos at Big Star, and enjoyed some crazy wickedly flavored donuts from a Glazed & Infused pop up. Overall a pitch perfect nite. I stayed up late enough to howl at the moon, isn't that what being young is all about?

Lesson learned, no more lame parties....Life isn't worth being sad that the cool kids won't let you hang out, be your own brat pack and get out there!


  1. They didn't like how you dressed? What the ?!
    Way to keep going on though. The most important thing to do is carry on even after plans have been cancelled. And sometimes it ends up being more fun anyways!

  2. That top is out of this world. Love the pattern. I like your alternative plans to the originally planned party. A barcade?? What a concept! Yep. Loads more fun than a nightclub party. *yawn*

  3. That top is bananas and yes, your legs are fabulous. Shorts are your friends.

  4. Whaaaat about that party? Who does that?? Well, it looks like you had an amazing night anyway. Isn't it great to just go out and do whatever YOU want to do?

  5. This outfit is amazing. Not sure what kind of party this was to not let you in for the way your were dressed. What you did instead looks like a better time anyway.

  6. LOVE these colors!

  7. hahaha love the last photo (:


  8. oooooooh donuts, haunting me everywhere I look!

    Love that blouse, girl <3

    The Flight of Fancy

  9. How dare they not let you in to that party! You look awesome! That shirt is incredibly fun. It looks like you had an amazing night anyway, though. Probably even better than the party would have been!


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