Taste That Last Bit Of Summer

Summer is quickly fading, and I'm not sure if I'm ready to say goodbye. Before I wave adieu to Chicago and say "peace out" to summer, my friends and I are planning a quick day trip to the Indiana dunes. I have fond memories of the dunes going with my friends. In fact they are the first people to take me there when I was in high school. Normally my family and I would just go the city beaches, I had no idea Lake Michigan could be so clean. As I gear up for my trip I'm already planning what I need for a beach day trip of eats and treats. Of course I'm bringing my custom made Curlee Bikini, but I'm also debating footwear. Usually I'm a loafers gal but my friends at Reef offer sandals that aren't only practical but they are cute. They scream summer in Biarritz versus generic flip flops you buy at the mall. Plus they are made for comfort which helps when standing on water rocks all day, and burning your feet in the sand. It’s awesome to see sandals that are both practical and cute, and yes, don't look like they are made for your grandmother. Now where can I find some soy free veggie dogsss?
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  1. Ooh that bathing suit is perfect, it's like vintage and modern at the same time!

  2. Well, I love your little "must-have" to go to the Indiana dunes. And your bikini is awesome, I'm in love with the high-waisted.
    Moreover, you're right, these sandals are perfect, in fact, I don't really like flip flop but those are slimmer and more elegant.
    Have a good trip ! :)

  3. I'm stuck in the middle of winter right now and a day at the beach sounds heavenly!

  4. Sounds like a great trip! Love that collage as well, the positioning of the sandals makes for a cute frame.


  5. Great selection Bianca! Now I need to eat many thx ;)

  6. Love the shades and the swim suit and those shades! I crave an end of summer beach trip, badly!

    -Chymere Anais

  7. I hope you and your friends have a wonderful time~

  8. I'm not ready for the summer to end! I just love this good weather too! Day at the beach sounds great. I read Sylvia Plath book The Bell Jar a few months a go. There is some great lines in the book, one I really love is: 'The last thing I wanted was infinite security, I wanted change and excitement and to shoot off in all directions' That line totally resonates with me :)

  9. Great post! I am so ready for the summer to end lol.. C'mon fall!!!


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