Its too late now?

 photo hs6_zps2f2890f8.jpg photo hs8_zpsc8966040.jpg photo hs2_zps70111cf5.jpgSweatshirt: Thirftwares
Jacket: boyfriends
Everything else: not sure, idk gifts thrifted, back of the closet nonesense

Yesterday kinda turned into a cluster cuss, and I meant to post this high school inspired photos for the Breakfast Club being it's "30th" anniversary (actually the 29th) but I missed it by a few hours...derp. I got this awesome sweatshirt from Thriftwares, I absolutely love it! I've worn it a few times already and everytime I do I get a ton of compliments. I like it because it reminds me of the Tuskegee airmen! And a few of those guys actually went to my high school! So i guess this post is still a relevant high school post?

What kid were you in high school? I played my my weird kid. I was weird even FOR the weird kids, the weird kids weren't into Goddard as the were into Gundam, and the normal kids didn't care for all my Jeeves and Wooster jokes. Though even today I like being the cheese that stands alone, I also really like cheese. photo hs3_zpse8389718.jpg photo hs4_zps370be898.jpg photo hs9_zpse2d2cc16.jpg photo hs5_zpsf838a752.jpg


  1. This is amazing! I am so obsessed with that sweater xo

  2. So nice sweater !! Pics are huge just because of u wow :)) !! M-C


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