Disheveled Prep part DEUX

 photo look38_zps83b342ac.jpg photo look315_zps04c7d59c.jpg photo look318_zps77491e43.jpg
dotted denim: roxy
white jeans: levis
shoes: new balance classic
trench: thrifted vintage
lippy: NYX

ok ok, I know I posted some of these before, but I just really REALLY loved this outfit I did with zappos, and I wanted to share the rest of the photos! And heck, it's my blog so why not! This look is SO VERY ME right now, preppy, boyish, but still a little sexy with the red lip. Overall I'm loving it, and I can't go wrong with the classics! I've been DYEING to try a denim, white jean, and gym shoe look. I'm glad it was as successful irl, as it was in my head. Sometimes, certain looks don't translate. But this one was perf! Ah, if I could only look this put together ALL DA TIME.

 photo look31_zps04c9c007.jpg photo look313_zpsec65141c.jpg photo look310_zps54266243.jpg photo look317_zps18413b88.jpg


  1. Love the polka dots and white denim. YUS.

  2. your face is flawless! love the red lips x


  3. What fun pictures!! Love the Michael Jackson homage photo. This weekend, I also tried the white denim + sneaker combination and I really liked the way it pulled together. My sneakers are a fluorescent / neon pink so I don't think they will be as transferable with other looks like yours are.

  4. Love the sneakers, but not sure if I could do white denim. Too many animals in my house, so I'm always using a lint roller.

  5. You pull off the sneaker chic look so well! I just can't seem to do it : /

  6. Love it !
    Great shirt :)

  7. Cute outfit girl. Love it

  8. I so want to get a pair of those shoes but I always feel weird in sneakers... I don't know what the deal is. I'm always slightly jealous when people can pull them off as well as you! P.s. RAD HAIR as always :)

  9. I also like the flower print outfit with the denim... great look!


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