about me

Hey there, I'm Bianca deBardelaben, and I live in a world between gamine and tomboy. My heart is in France but my head is in Chicago. I love curating my own mix and match from different eras and topping it with mounds of curly hair, vintage accessories, and bold lipsticks. I am an artist raised by artist, so no need to tell me, I already know I'm weird. But isn't it grand? Maybe I'm weird for the sake of weird. But there's nothing wrong with being a bit peculiar. I love Paris, Tokyo, New York and my home in the midwest. I like a clash of different cultures an era's together that almost mirror the clash of different cultures that created me. I'm shy but I love to share. you can contact me at:



What does "Avant Blargh" mean? 
It was a play on avant garde, which is french for "innovation" or "experimental" which is what I try to be when I get dressed. I don't like to follow the norm, so if you came here to see me in cut offs and bandeau tops, I apologize in advanced. The "Blargh" came from the overuse of the term avant garde in our culture especially in art classes...its done it the same way as you would change to what someone was saying to "blah blah blah"

Where are you located? 
Born and raised by a family of artists in Chicago all my life, but I've traveled and lived in London, Paris, and New York.

What kind of camera do you use? 
As of 2014 A Canon Rebel T3i
I have a Nikon500D, a Kodak Easy Share, and a tride and true Iphone4s.

Where do you buy your clothes? 
Most thirfting or vintage shopping. The further you go from a metropolis the better stuff you find (usually) I also shop at everyday stores like Forever21 (which I shorten to F21), Urban Outfitters (UO), TopShop, Madewell, and online. I also like resale shops targeted to older when cause you can find great resort wear there! Mostly designer!

What designers do you like? 
I'm really getting into Kenzo, but I enjoy Carven, Dear Creatures, Chloe, Band of Outsiders and lots of the collaborations (especially Chloe Sevigny and Spike Jonze) for Opening Ceremony. I will also always love Vivenne Westwood...always.

Why don't you wear heels often? 
I don't like being tall, me and my man are the same height, even though he likes an amazon lady, I like to be snuggle height.

How tall are you?

How long have you've been blogging?
since 2008, you can view my old blog at: eggrollsforflowers.blogspot.com

Why did you go from lifestyle blogging to fashion blogging? 
I like to keep the lifestyle in their versus just "look at me posts." My mom encouraged me to do more fashion. I always felt as though I wasn't pretty enough to grace in front of the camera versus taking photos of my daily life. But when I got back from living in New York I decided to start over with my new gain confidence in my self and my creative voice.

Are you mixed? 
I don't really like this question, because I don't like the social hierarchy black women place on themselves on the quality of how mixed they are....but for the sake of reaching out to that girl like me who felt a little different I am:

French, Native American, and of course African American. (JUS LYKE BEYONCE YALLL...:T)

What's your hair regimen? 
I'm a wash and go girl. I wet my hair about 2xs a week. I use a natural shampoo/conditioner bar soap from my local health food store, and then I cowash with conditioner. I only clarify shampoo about 3 times a month. (with Organix or Herbal Essences) I use Aunt Jackies Curl La a after I condition (with a rich conditioner like Aubrey Organics or Shea Moisture) when my hair is soaking wet, and then I towel dry with an old tshirt (prevents breakage and frizz.) And once a week I deep condition with Organix Moroccan Oil or Shea Moisture Deep Conditioning treatment. Remember to sleep on a satin pillow case if you don't like to wrap your hair!

What do you do besides blogging? 
I am a freelance graphic designer, actor, and illustrator.

What inspires you? 
80s music, 80s movies, Seinfield, New York in the autumn, French Magazines (like Jalouse) Japanese Magazines (like JILLE) and for some reason...Marcel Marceau

Who are you style icons?
Francoise Hardy, Elaine Benes, Meg Ryans characters in Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally, Hannah and her Sisters, Annie Hall, and all the daughters on the Cosby Show (ie Denis, Vanessa, Sondra)

How would you define your style? 
Somewhere in-between gamine, grandma, and a touch of tomboy.

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