super stressed

I have so many great things I want to show you ~ ♥ and wonderful opportunities that have come up for me that I want to scream about from the mountain tops, but this recent state of events with this SOPA act--IS STRESSING ME OUT. I just can seem to focus on blogging today when the idea of all this work I've put into my lovely blog may get shut down (from things like my Selina Kyle post)

I love the internet, I truly do, I love how the internet is about sharing ideas and inspirations. I love how it has allowed me to build great communities, make wonderful friends, open amazing doors for me, the list goes on!

Without it, I'm back to being that weird kid in the midwest! They did say 2012 would bring the end of something massive, I hope it's not the internet......


  1. Wow, that is not ok... I hope that doesn't happen!! :(
    But on a random & more positive note... Why is your hair so amazing?? ♥♥

  2. I know! Scary! This little video is really helpful in explaining it to people too:

  3. nah i highly doubt that the internet would get shut down...

  4. Would they actually do that?! Seems crazy.

    But agreeing with Tori here - your hair is AMAZING.

  5. That SOPA act? NOT cool! =( Hope it never happens. At least we know your hair will be looking fabulush regardless! ;)

  6. Your hair is beyond amazing!! Sorry you are stressed <3



  7. umm I hope that neevveerrr happens!! lol, my blog as well is my baby lol.. & by the way, have I mentioned how in love with your curl pattern I am! lol, gorgeous



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