Sunday Inspo: Selina Kyle

If you're like me, somehow, somewhere, Tim Burton has touched your life. Be it through animated musical, or Johnny Depp, Tim Burton has a way with mise-en-scene.

One of my favorite characters from the Burtonverse, HAS TO BE, Batman Returns Selina Kyle by Michelle Pfeiffer. I mean, the curls, the big glasses, the nerdy brown tones! She was a beaut. And plus, who didn't beg their parents to take gymnastic classes to learn to do those kick-@$$ back flips! Sure, her catwoman is truly an icon, but her Selina Kyle, will always resonate in my heart and inspire me in my daily dress! I thought I give it a whirl (or a flip!) and try to recreate her iconic 1992 look, with fashion from today, so we can all be a villain in disguise!

It starts with an earth tone top
(mandy top & jones blouse by need supply)

topped with a billowy jacket or fur & high waisted earth tone pants!
(safety check coat & braden faux fur by nasty gal, Micro-Poly High-Waist Pleated Pant by American Apparel)

plus, the iconic glasses for doing your best secretarial work with a natural tone lip, and a tea service to impress a certain Bruce Wayne. (simply fabulous glasses by bonlook, chubby stick by clinique, and Michael Graves tea kettle by Michael Graves for target)

& there ya go! Don't forget the curls ladies! ♥♥


  1. omg, I LOVE THIS ♥♥♥
    1,000% voting for more Sunday Inspo posts, please!

  2. Great job picking items to recreate the look, I agree with everything! And what a neat inspiration^^

  3. !!!! Michelle Pfeiffer is the BEST Catwomen. I loved this movie so much, and both her pre and post transformation looks.

  4. Okay seriously I LOVE this post oh so much!! Michelle Pfeiffer was so perfect for the role of both Selina and catwoman! I was so young when I saw it and so catwoman is all I mainly remember.. but your post is slowly jogging my memory of her as Selina Kyle with all those quirky yet awesome outfits and curly hair... love how you found all these pieces to re-create her look too.

    xx, Ally

  5. YES. I recently rewatched this, and I was really disappointed to find out this is an incredibly awful movie :(. But the styling is SO GOOD.

  6. Ahh I'm sorry this comment is so late - I have been really behind lately! This post is

    I love the stills you chose, and the fact you included her glasses! I was so impressed by her character and storyline *__*


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