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 photo poule9_zps69451714.jpg photo poule10_zpsda01d590.jpg photo poule7_zpsdea8a339.jpg photo poule2_zps40a8f3e1.jpg
70s vintage blazer: La Poule Noire
floral blouse: boutique in Paris
trousers: Uniqlo
shoes: vintage
bowser pin: brother's

When La Poule Noire asked if they could send me some of their vintage pieces to try on from their etsy, I wanted to jump through the screen and buy one of EVERYTHING. I think I may be in love with them! All their pieces are so reminiscent of the 70s and 80s I feel Sigourney Weaver in a Ridley Scott film. Believe it or not!

I picked out this blazer, which is simply ravishing. I mean look at the top stitching, the deep hue, the structure, I'll high five any baby boomer who claims that they just don't make clothes like they used to. Despite the snow, I paired it with my favorite floral blouse that hangs to perfection, from my travels in Paris. And of course high waisted trousers! Have we just met? If so hey I'm Bianca, I like high waisted everything!

Had to add some kitsch on kitsch so I let my retro Bowser pin be my friend today! It's actually my brothers from like 1995, but he let me have it when he moved away! I miss my bro! But I'm sure he's happier in Florida than with all this snow!! Will it ever stop!?!

In the meantime, I guess I'll do some more online shopping at La Poule Noire, I can just spend hours there imagining myself in all their pieces! Gosh, I love it! And I'm sure you would too if you just check check check 'em out!

 photo poule3_zpse2a26091.jpg photo poule4_zps6c3ba81f.jpg photo poule6_zpsf8ff2f61.jpg photo poule8_zpsc92153d1.jpg photo poule5_zpsf4b951ca.jpg photo poule1_zpsfa690f0d.jpg
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  1. you look great! & your hair shape is perfect, do you shape/cut it yourself?

  2. This outfit is so perfect. I'm in love with your floral blouse paired with your awesome vintage blazer. The pop of red from your socks is so cute too. I love everything about this!

  3. Beautiful style as always! Love the shoes and jacket color comobo

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  4. I love this floral top so much, it makes me want to cry! I just love your style in general

  5. What a lovely vibrant and fun look! I love how your red scoks coordinate with the red in your floral blouse. Very cute!

  6. you are gorgeous girl! those curls are perfection and i love that blazer and pretty much everything!! I need some photog tips from you! What camera do you use? and how do you get that vintage effect??

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  7. this is such a sweet outfit!! love the blazer with the floral shirt. and such cute shoeez!

  8. If Solange sees the thrd photo, she'll beg you to go on the road with her. So dreamy... Also, I love your hair colour.

  9. Hi hun :) i found your blog from the feature on "the good good blog" and i absolutly love ur hair, i believae my hair texture is similar, and i am currently transitioning to natural :) so happy i found ur blog! I your newest follower.. Xx take care!

  10. You're right. The first thing I coveted was that cobalt blazer. It is seriously cool! Great pairing with the floral blouse and from Paris no less. Awesome! :D

    - Anna

  11. That vintage blazer was a nice choice especially since that color blue is really popular right now. Of course, I love your style!

  12. amazing photos :)
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  13. You are too, too, cute! love the socks poking out :)

  14. - Lovely Outfit <3
    Hope To See U !

  15. Love your style!


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