mansome mondays: being woody

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being woody

I thought I start a new "theme" post day because I've noticed how much I am getting into men's fashion (for women) sometimes its nice to see tomboy style, or "men for women" wear. But like looking at what the boys have on. There's a sense of unknown territory when you look through the pages of a men's fashion mag, everything is tailored and finesse. With men for women style, it always changes and its also sometimes can be a little trendier (or sluttier) than I like.

To kick off mansome mondays, I wanted to share some inspiration from the great Woody Allen. I love how his style never really changes. No matter the decade, it's always pleated pants, button down, oxford. With a blazer or pullover to complete. I realized how much I love his style when I was drooling of Anjelica Huston & Diane Keaton in Manhattan Murder Mystery. He was getting as equal pause time as the ladies, plus he has to have some influence on all the great female style throughout his films. Plus you can always add a feminine touch with tailoring and fit, a scarf or a hint of sparkle like diamond stud earrings. I really adore how Allen's style has become classic versus dated, I really hope to achieve that as I grow older.

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