reality nites

dress: vintage
leopard creepers: f21
sun & moon purse: vintage
glasses: got em in NYC

Now that I am a post grad, I can relate to all the signature post grad films, reality bites...kicking and screaming, you know all the classics where the protagonists are thrown out into the real world, cold and confused. Is that normal, to feel this strange after college? I literally believed that my stress levels will go down since homework is OVER, but I just feel more overwhelmed.

Nothing like a few 90s movies to cheer you up. I was at first hesitant to 90s style, feeling like it was private to me, not to be shared and highlighted like awesome 80s fashion. But I'm starting to realize that the 90s are 20 years ago...TIME FLIES PEOPLE, I remember every year of the 90s vividly, I'm a child of the 90s born in the 80s. Its time to make up some of those fashion faux paus I made in junior high lol! Plus I can finally dress like my brother and his brat pack of gen x friends. I mean they were so Janeane Garofalo, its ridic. So get ready of summer of long dresses, round glasses, and curly hair of course. I can't wait to get my hair to scary spice portions...At the end of the day, expect me to still look like Elaine...lawls...

Oh btw, HOW AWESOME IS THAT PURSE??? Its sooo stevie nicks right???


  1. You make me want to move to Chicago so badly. Argh. Love this outfit and your fabulous star and moon purse

  2. Hello! I just saw your blog posted in a Tumblr from another vintage lover I follow and was like "Hey, that's my neighbor from last month's Randolph Street Market!" Just stopping in to reintroduce myself :)

  3. are those creepers seriously from F21?!?!?! *runs off to get a pair*

  4. *sigh* You always look so fabulous. Your dress is so great. The bold ass pattern balances out the conservative length. Pairing it with those leopard creepers is quite daring! :]

    PS: You're literally just blocks away from me (judging by these photos) yet I never run into you. :( I would love to actually meet you cara a cara one day.

  5. These pictures are wonderful. You look beautiful.

  6. That purse is magical- love it!
    I love being a child of the 90's. :)

  7. Love this dress!

    xo Jennifer

  8. Man your hair is so great. So is that purse. And your dress. And shoes. And the 90s.


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