life in a northern town

burgundy blazer: vintage 
funny people blouse: vintage 
bolo + brooch: mother's (vintage) 
high waisted linen shorts: american apparel 
flats: UO 

With the Olympics still lingering in the air, I've been having a bit of a British invasion of my own. It feels as though London weather has jumped the pond and landed in Chicago. Nearly everyday since the Olympics started its been cold, dreary, rainy, and dark. Perfect weather to bust out your pre-fall items, listen to new wave music, and feel at complete peace.

When getting pizza with the fam (because Chicagoans do eat pizza...a lot) I heard a song on the radio that literally brought a rush of my childhood to me conscious memory. It was none other than The Dream Academy's "Live in a Northern Town" For the next few days I literally watched the video to that song over and over and over again. The style! The finesse! It was so british, so 80s and so wonderful. I had to dress the part.

I really feel like every girl should pull inspiring things that may not always be fashion related to their seasonal wardrobe. Especially if you want to have a certain consistency in your look, and you want to focus your wardrobe on key pieces and not a bunch of clubbing clothes from F21. I've already decided that I'm going to dream academy is going to be one of my major fashion points all fall and winter through. Large shoulders, stripes, bolos and brooches. Hair swooped to the side and dark jewel tones that nearly dance on a gothic side. And always layers layers lots of layers. Fortunately, this look seamlessly fits in with my Elaine, Woody Allen, Librarian look that I already love.



  1. Love the character of that blouse!

  2. That shirt is fantastic!! I want that! Also, I like the idea of pulling inspiration from non-fashion related things! Keeps it fresh!


  3. You dress the cutest.


  4. I just found your blog. You have an amazing sense of style! I just started following. Follow me back if you like my blog!

  5. Hi!

    A friend of mine recommended your blog just saying: "You have to read it, her sense of humor is just like yours" and i'm really noticing that i'm not alone in the world! Loved your text and style. ;)


  6. Love the print on your top!

    (No one looks silly in Chucks!!)

  7. That shirt print is FANTSTICCCC

  8. AH! Fell in love with that shirt!

  9. I love everything about this post; the story of your clothing inspiration, the silly head shirt, the jacket, the brooch. You are amazing.

  10. THAT SHIRT. Please, get me to one. xo

  11. such a cool cute outfit<3 that shirt is amazing! love most of it is vintage :)

  12. you are killing me with that amazing blouse lady! this outfit is so you and so awesome. your outfits are really focused and distinct already, i'm looking forward to your fall get-ups. it's so great how a song can bring you back and inspire you, cheers.

  13. This blouse is the best.
    And I'm also a fan of the bolo. I usually end up tying mine into a bow around my neck.
    Love the blazer! Great find!

  14. love this!
    really like your style, do you wanna follow eachother?
    let me know :)


  15. 'not a bunch of clubbing clothes from F21' HA this line cracked me up!
    p.s. your shirt is banging.

    J x

  16. Okay, we need to talk because I have a shirt with that SAME pattern and how random is that? I got mine at a thrift store, how bout you?

  17. that's one crazy shirt! love it :)

  18. i loooove this look!!!your hair has me drooling lol


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