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heels: c/o Steve Madden
Everything else: probably spent a collective of $7 on all this vintage!
haha, socks are new tho kids, always buy new clean underwear you guys!

I had the absolute pleasure of doing this collaboration post with Steve Madden for Steve Madden Magazine. I'm truly so humbled and proud! It was so hard to keep this from you guys!!  They sent me these killer heels, made me feel all adult, so I put sock in them to make them more like a child! Haha!

So happy its FALL, which means I can finally wear all my favorite vampy colors and no one can judge me for being dark and moody. Well people are going to judge me anyway, like where I got the title from this post from. I've actually spent the afternoon LOL-ing, because Steve Madden posted this picture of me on their instagram to promote our collab (yay!), and even though now I have a helluva new gang of friends (hi friends!) people were still H8-N'! I actually never recieved a wealth of bad comments, maybe a few but not a choir. But I'm really surprised how I'm Kanye shrugging through this brigade of hate mail. If I dressed to impress everyone else, well I would dress like...everyone else. I've even stopped following trends because I just like to make myself happy. Blogger's like Elodie or Yin always inspire, but I'm not going to shut my eyes an emulate Rihanna. HASHTAG SORRY NOT SORRY.

I think this means I'm growing up, my mom says she's proud, she said if this were to happen last year I would've been in the corner crying, running over to necessary clothing and grabbing some jeffrey campbell knock offs and bondage dresses. Perhaps I would start wearing my hair straight or at least run a comb through it....but that's why my instagram (and twitter) slogan is:

non, je ne regrette rien ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So I did this whole rant to tell you, DON'T CHANGE WHO YOU ARE TO MAKE OTHERS HAPPY (especially boys, changing for boys is DUMB don't do that you're fabulous) people will celebrate you for being you, trust me! I got beat up for dressing different by girls and boys! People would rip off my clothes in the hallways of my high school because the fact that I had THE AUDACITY to dress different really enraged them. But good things will come from you loving yourself aka why Steve Madden called and said "hey your cool wanna help us style a look for the fall?" And like me, you will say YES

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  1. OMG these trends are the worst. Who wants to be like everybody ? Insecured people (in my opinion). Like right now, wearing these grunge shirts without ever bying a Nirvana's album, fucking idiots !
    I was talking about you with Christina the other day, saying "she's so great, I'm so sad I'm this far away from her. There are such a few people like her here". You're funny, you're beautiful, you've got a killer style that is your own.
    I mean your style icon is Elaine !!! How great is that ?!

    Don't listen to those pricks, why do you think all these brands want to collaborate with you ? Because you deserve it, because you're this great ! Yes, your mum can be proud of you, she made a perfect person.

    See U !

  2. You are the bee's knees, I'm so glad you don't let the H8ers get to you. Just keep on being your awesome self!
    <3 Bri

  3. I absolutely lovvvvve this from head to toe!!!! Keep doing you!

  4. Whaaaat? How could people hate on this outfit? You look awesome! I always admire your style and how you rock the high-waisted trousers. Those people probably have the most boring style and dress like every other only-designer-clothes-wearing blog anyway. You're way cooler than them and that's so awesome that you got to style these awesome heels for Steve Madden.

  5. People who are hating are idiots! I had similar things happen in my school days, now they all have babies and no careers, I pity them and never changed my personal style.
    The colours in this outfit are amazing and you look amazing, I'm so jealous of your hair! Plus the socks are a great touch! x

  6. YES YES TO ALL OF THIS. Let the haters drown in their own negativity, because you are RISING ABOVE THAT BUSINESS. Also you look amazing, never change, *high five emoji* *diamond emoji*

  7. You's a starrr. Let haters hate, that's what they do. Love this look and how you're just shrugging through scared people's messiness.

    Immense love and all that positivity.

  8. I came across your blog on Pinterest yesterday. Just dropping by to say that I think your style is AWESOOOOOME!

  9. Ah everything you said I was thinking & then your wrote it too & I'm just NODDING reading this whole thing!!! It's an indescribable feeling the way your tastes evolve and flow once you find that certain moment of "letting go." A sudden clarity in knowing exactly what you like or don't like or being able to appreciate a look on another while 100% feeling strong enough in yourself to know "that's just not me but they look crazy good in it!" I'm rambling because I'm just excited for you & you always look great and I just, gaaah, you're just the nicest person, yay \:D/

  10. You look really stunning, what gorgeous photos! I love the colour scheme here, perfect for autumn xo

  11. I love the color scheme of this outfit :)

  12. you have killer taste, killer style, and your blog posts are always so fun to read! i don't know what these people are saying, they're just jealous of course! but really now, you are rocking those shoes! seriously though i've already clicked my way to almost purchasing them myself :)

  13. You look wonderful - particularly the hair.

  14. - Woooow you look so really good gurl ! I love your style and everything pieces who you wear ! I follow u on Instagram since three months and i hope to see u soon in Paris ;)

  15. That does it. You are great. I'm following you on Bloglovin now.

    Kate from Clear the Way


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