Oh, New York

 photo nw2_zpsee17e363.jpg photo nw8_zps6ebd45f1.jpg photo nw4_zps426a942c.jpg photo nw6_zpsd0d8b97f.jpgpants: ragstock vintage
shirt: vintage CK
shoes: elizabeth & james

 NEWS FLASH: I love men's clothes. You know what kind of news this is, non american news that really isn't news at all, because I think we all knew that I loved pants and or men's clothing, but who doesn't love a good old fashioned fluff piece??

This is what I wore on NYFW day one. And by that I mean, moving to New York and spending day one of NYFW unpacking ALL MY FASHION! Haha I missed the first show I was supposed to go to, because I'm learning all the trains, so I treated myself to new shoes! Grown up shoes no less! Yes these Elizabeth & James shoes are my "welcome to nyc" present to myself. Now I have two pairs of heels! Almost a woman! My mom told me that if I got these pants I had to balance them with heels, which I think she's right for now, but I know my loafers will come a creepin' real soon. Need not worry friends, I'm still me! Another mom story, she did not want me to buy this shirt, it's vintage Calvin Klein, but the person selling it wanted an arm full for it. Usually I'm like "eh I could find this cheaper else where" but when it's a vintage piece YOU KNOW YOULL JUST LOVE, flippin get it, as long as you can afford it. I wear this shirt to death, it's boxy, drapey, kinda like a suit jacket. Ugh, I love it. So lesson # two, mama ain't always right.

Hope mom doesn't read my blog today >_>;;;;;;;

 photo nw9_zps9f5f3da8.jpg photo nw5_zpsc1cdd12b.jpg photo nw7_zps36188b54.jpg photo nw3_zps53313994.jpg photo nw1_zpsee131cc8.jpg


  1. Your hair looks amazing! I really love the colour of your shoes and shirt too xo

  2. haha yaaayyy. I never wear the heels I own...

  3. Presents to self = always a good thing

  4. Greattt shoes! And that shirt is too perfect.

  5. YES those shoes are everything! Welcome to NYC! I just moved here myself about a month and a half ago. It's been an adventure, to say the least!


    The Kris Bliss

  6. Oh those SHOES!! I'm in love!


  7. Looking ah-mazing! I do love a pair of red shoes!

  8. You moved to NYC! SO exciting, and yes you so totally deserved those shoes + that top. My mom gave me money to put in my savings and said specifically "Not for shoes" - but what did I do? buy shoes!

  9. Congratulations on your move!!! Ah. It's so refreshing to see people do things and explore the world in that capacity! Anyway it's great and I sure hope that you thrive there...and wherever you decide to go after...and if you decide to stay forever. Definitely worth a new pair of smoking hot kick a$$ shoes!!!

    Chymere Anais

    {{BTW: I've given you The Sunshine Award...& if you're wondering what that is, it's a blog award/tag! Yayyyy! This should be posted some time tomorrow (October 2) Hope that you find the time to participate!! = )}}


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