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I've been at home all day today, my final day of rest, I was feeling a little flu-ish and I needed to catch up on all the school work I missed as well... ahhhh shoot DX...

... Soooooooo i decided to go through some old pictures and see how Ive changed through time, I thought it would be an interesting journey and decided to share it with you haha! (im too lazy to make sure these are perfect perfect in sizing....meh)

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the turn of the century, as well as my 13th birthday and my 90s stylin house, jigga what!(2000)
me in art high school making the cool kid with the fro in bleu (2005)

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freshman year 30lbs heavier (OMG i kno!) preppy private school me before i transferred (2006)
such a hipster with my friendies in the burbs, haha, christmas 2007

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I chopped off all my hair (not by choice but by a hair studen DX lesson learned nothing in life is "free")
being cool in the dorms in spring of 2k7
blue hair me + extensions, haha, on my way to redbull flutag for my big 21 in 2k8

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SUPER HIPSTER STRIKES AGAIN, in sculpture class (giant shushi) in 2k9...... cutt my hair again too
You might remember this numba, why its already summer of 2k10

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Me today living it up in the city and shopping as always, new glasses, men's glasses and yes they are real this time, no more longer a hipster >_>;;;


Going through stacks of photos (i spared you the scary ones haha) i realized that i havent really changed that much. That I never REALLY went gyaru (haha *FAIL*) and that I have been rockin wayfayers long before everyone else (and that IM SUCH A HIPSTER GAH!!) It was fun to see all those memories, all those people I met and see that I never did grow into my nose...

anyway I dont have too much time to give you a long post about fashion and such, I just thought this one would be fun! hee hee, btw I miss you all and I know you all miss my crazy comments on your blogs grammatically incorrect and all ;)

nite nite...

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