Is it Caturday yet?

sweater: Pretty Snake via Need Supply
trousers: french connection
scarf: handmade
boots/jacket: vintage
button down: f21

Everybody's working for the weekend! Right? I know a lot of us love our jobs, but I mean who isn't  a weekend warrior? What person doesn't love waking up on a lazy Saturday ready to fill it with shopping, brunches, and what not. I've been mostly good at not adding new pieces to my wardrobe, but when I saw this tweet Pretty Snake sweater on Need Supply last week...I HAD TO HAS. (I've been wanting one since last year!!!)

I mean even though its endlessly quirky the tweed brown tone, and its slouchy-ness goes with everything. My friend asked me if I fill my need to own a cat with cat memorabilia and I said "yes, of course!" Until I get a cat, I'm putting cats on everything. I'm more excited about this than deers on stuffs.

I tried to keep the look slouchy throughout, slouchy pants, oversized jacket, maybe I look huge now, but you see so many cute slouchy outfits on DropTokyo, you're determined to perfect the look!

As for waiting for the weekend? Yesterday to get over the weekend blues I had dinner with friends and Improv show at night. Its fun to "break the rules" and go out on a "school night". Now, I got a caramel macchiato to get me through the day!


  1. What a fun look. Love the blazer and tweed jacket.

  2. um this cat sweater is VERY VERY important

  3. ok I have to get a cat sweater, that is amazin

  4. So cute cat sweater! You have very unusual and ineresting style and I love it! :)
    I was wondering woudl you like to follow each other :? PLease let me know :)

  5. You are amazing! Your cat jumper & tweed blazer are pretty much the perfect combination.

  6. oh wow, that cat jumper is something else! i'm so jealous!


  7. the last photo is amazing!! you really look like a fashionable weekend warrior there!

  8. Obviously. The need for this shirt in ANY woman's closet is unquestionable. Please tell me they are googly-eyes. Please.

    Gypsy Alchemy

  9. This crazy cute scarf is handmade ??? it's so pretty ! And, I've bought my first turtleneck because of you !

    See U !

  10. yep, you have found the best sweater in the entire world.

    the rest of the look is awesome as well!

  11. Absolutely love that you have a John Watson sweaterrrrrrrrrrrrrr \:D/

  12. THIS is how I wanna look just everyday right now!!


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