imaginary money

this spending freeze hasn't been too difficult i must say. I thought it might have been harder but i think a lot of it comes from enjoying grocery shopping (lol) AND having imaginary money...

by imaginary money I DO NOT MEAN credit cards, we all know those will bite you in the booty later. No i mean gift cards and store credit...haha

this weekend I enjoyed a lil bit of shopping on store credit because I returned the christmas cards I did not use and a gift i decided to return (after my holiday spirit had died and i remember how crappy this person is) at anthropologie...I kept the money from the gift because it was like 40 dollars BUT i did use the credit from the christmas cards (because the money was already spent) on FUNNY THINGS XD (a mug with my intial on it (yes my name begins with "x") and cute little pom pom barrets! (shown in the last picture)) I also rushed to sephora because I got an email about getting this hello kitty perfume as a free gift! (SO CUTE SO CUTE) I love that the anthropologie and sephora are at the same mall, I also ran by zara which is also in this same mall (a new mall they just built in chicago where ice skating used to be like 15 yrs ago!) Zara was having a massive SALE & i was tempted by all the red signs that said 9.99!! But it was like piles of unfolded tshirts i was ....

a. too lazy to shuffle through them all..thats THEIR job
b. nothing seemed too appealing....maybe it was the layout, maybe its because i never wear tshirts

all in all i think i did pretty good and didn't spend a REAL DIME (again) haha!


I already LOVE this hello kitty perfume, but i only wear a drop of it when i go out with friends. I don't know why I suddenly love hello kitty again, with the vintage suitcase and all (in my other post which i found at the thrift store for 1 dollar! over christmas break.) I really like vintage 1970s-80s kitty. And what can I say she's so cute! PLUS this perfume smells almost exactly like Coco Madmosielle by Chanel! And it was FREEEEE *in theory* (that chanel perfume is my ultimate perfume!) I might have to go buy it soon before they ditch the label when kitty gets boring again....[ i also saw this cute little girl with her mom gushing over all the hello kitty stuff at sephora, she reminded me of me and my mom and our shopping escapades in the city when i was a kid :') ] The hello kitty juices where just on sale at the grocery store for a dollar, i always pack my lunch so i got those instead of the usual capri sun~

I also exchanged an old comic for 3 other comics and 2 dollars back (pictured above)! (oh power of returns!) I decided that the one comic was too expensive and too much like written by a weebo, this is why i save almost all my receipts because I am the master of buyers remorse.


Finally I got some macaroons! I felt like i deserved them darnit!Today I walked to work in the snow for 2 miles (trying to use a less stressful route *fail* ) and passed this pastry shop thats supposed to have the best macaroons in the city! I used a gift card i got from my dad on them *thanks paw!* I can't wait to try them with some tea tonite. I also bought some toiletries i needed some sponges and a new face towel, and I bought the lashes again with the gift card :P I wanted to try lashes again since everyone makes them look so tempting!


oooooh I love shopping when its basically free! sometimes when i get the urge i just look for stuff to return..and i stretch out gift cards people get for me for months at a time. (in fact the clinique make up shown i just got from a macys gift card i got for my bday)

anyway i think its cookie time! pray that my apartment doesn't blow away! so far the storm has already blown off some roofs by my apartment o_o and the newspaper catagorized the section of the city that i live in as "the end of days..."

bring it on snowmaggedon...

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