just wanna do somethin special

For all the ladies in the world....And dream about the sexy sexiness of Parisian men. Let me tell you I never felt so attractive until I went to France, it boosted my confidence like 85% from where it was. I always found myself to be s bit strange looking to my peers in Chicago, but with my ancestors in Paris I was the belle of the ball! Really allowed me to reevaluate myself and I came back a blogging MACHINE. I truly fit in there, Parisian women have "cooky" style, curly hair, some have brown skin, and best part...THEY EAT. So as it snows another freakin foot in Chicago today, lets all have a summer fling with some of the most handsome men the world has to offer.

Also take a lesson that I learned in France, feel confident in the skin your in, nothing is sexier than that.

jeez even the kids of paris have AMAZING STYLE
bet he breaks all the little kindergarteners hearts....lawls


  1. Such gorgeous photos. I so want to visit Paris one day! If not for the sightseeing, then definitely for the men. :]

  2. omg talk about eye candy. did you shoot all these? i'm just picturing you trying to look nonchalant while snapping hot french boys.

  3. J'adore this post ♥ You take amazing photos bb. I would love to visit there one day... I have French ancestors too, haha ;)

  4. THIS POST ♥___♥ I love the parisians and hope to live in France one day! Beautiful people and beautiful culture.

  5. oh yeah, me gusta the 2 first ones! haha

    that is a great feeling, isn't it, to feel confortable in your own skin. i think it is the starting point to happiness.

  6. ohhhh parisians. city of beautiful beautiful people.

  7. Oooh! All these hot men in Paris, thank you Jesus :)
    I feel you girl, I live here and these men like it all and they are not afraid of telling you how fine you are, haha.

  8. wow i love these photos! gahh i never been to Paris, i'd love to go one day!!! i absolutely love the one with the guy wearing a suit lighting a cigarette at the bus stop. and he's hot too, of course. haha ;D

    and d'awww i agree! that kid is adorable ! i love his little hat !

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  9. i have that h&m scarf that lady is wearing in that bus stop photo...this is how i wore my scarf: http://whitepaperroses.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/p1000320.jpg

    feels so weird to see a random photo of someone donning it >.<


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