not all that glitters...

hanging out at one of my favorite pubs, three floyds, if you ever had gumball head beer, it's from here ;)

necklace: f21
velvet mesh top: thirfted bb gold. learned that the hard way actually. I was P-R-E-T-T-Y stoked about this new collar necklace I HAVE BEEN DYING FOR one the past couple of weeks actually. Could never find one in my price range until this past weekend. Snatched this one up from F21 for a mere 6 bucks! Take that topshop

I ♥ you topshop...BUT YALLS HIGH. (Same necklace @ topshop, $48 ;_;)

As for remembering why I dont shop at f21, I also got this super cute "gold" unicorn statement ring, but it broke the next day. c'est la vie~


  1. Hi there, fantastic blog and I thought you should know you inspired a drawing of mine when I was flipping through lookbook :)

    Have a great day ^_^

  2. It's def hit and miss at F21. :\ Love that second pic!

  3. Oh that is just the look I love XD The transparent detail of the top and the gold necklace work perfectly! I should try to find that necklace at my local F21...Oh don't tempt me with your cool pictures!

  4. UGH, TOPSHOP. I love it too but my wallet doesn't agree :(

    $6 is a steal for the necklace! H&M has a similar one too but I think it's $20. $6 > $20.

  5. you're posting so often so great :D

  6. Oh my gosh, you're so pretty

  7. I ♥ you topshop...BUT YALLS HIGH.
    THIS. rofl!
    You look absolutely gorgeous here too, bb ♥ Love that lip colour!


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