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shirt: vintage via clothes optional
high waisted jeans (AGAIN I KNO!):
jeff campbell copen:

this was a really awesome day for me. I ace'd an audition, and got to do some of my favorite things in the city: eat sushi, see art. I went to the opening of this plushform show, and I was IN LOVE. I am an artist, I love gallery openings, I love rubbin elbows with other artists. I love it all! I mean its why my blog is called avant blargh and the image is a hipsterized version of Le Dejeuner sur L'herbe by Manet.

Anyway, this day really was not pre planned at all. I actually found out about the show after hitting up my favorite chicago comic book store, and ran over there! It's at the OhNo!Doom Gallery which a discovery to me. The gallery is really awesome sauce and everything is pop art and pop culture. The show is running until Dec 27th! So if you're in the area you should definitely check it out!!

PS. I adore this shirt, I actually bought it right after seeing Twin Shadow because it reminded me so much of something George Lewis Jr, would wear and I am SO INSPIRED by his fashion choices. (dont know why im so inspired by men...:/) Plus, I got it at one of my favorite vintage joints- Clothes Optional.

PPS. I think I should start tagging chicago posts and do a whole compilation of things to do in my hometown! I definitely think the exploration of this city will a great way to spend my winter break!


  1. Congratulations on your audition! So exciting! :D & I am LOVING your JC"s... Such a great shape of shoe.

  2. very cute!!
    congrats for the audition!
    ps: i looove the shoes!

  3. Exploring your own city is such a great thing to do! We usually take our own cities for granted~ I hope you find more art galleries to go to!!
    What's the audition for?!?!?!?! I AM CURIOUS~

  4. Ooh Bianca, the first picture is absolutely stunning! I adore the red blazer :D

  5. Love this red blazer. Those shoes are amazing as well.

  6. Yes, start tagging those posts! It'll be super helpful the next time I'm in town. XD Love your shoes!

  7. I freaking love the red blazer! AND POOP lol


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