tempestt bledsoe

crazy button blouse: vintage
red flats: vintage
velvet riding leggings: charlotte russe
vest: thrifted
rose gold watch: gifted
glasses: bonlook
hair: hair rules kinky curly cream

I've spent years, literally YEARS worshiping, Denise Huxtable. BUT WHO FRIGGIN NEW that it was Vanessa that had been calling my name all this time. I was watching an episode the other day with my mom and my mom mentioned that I dressed a lot like Vanessa, and I was like...OMG YOUR RIGHT...

I mean home girl was all about the silky shirts, the skinny jeans, funky eyewear & accessories, and plus...BIG HAIR. The bigger, the better. And how could we forget (forgive?) her iconic Africa box top. Cleary the Cosby kids never got it wrong...EVER! So when I jumped out the shower, I decided to challenge myself and be all Vanessa! I found this hilariously amazing silk shirt with these wild mix-matched buttons that are SO ME and I also found this vest that is very "my so called life". I added my velvet riding leggings and red flats, and WALLAH! I feel 80s meets 90s-- a very staple look of mine! I loved this look so much, I had to dance like Tempestt danced! (ps im not a very good dancer :T)

PLUS, looky look guys, I just got my new BonLook glasses, AND OMGLOVE, I like these ones soooooo much more than my older ones. They are softer and more me! Thank you BonLook for working with me! I can't take these off! I love 'em!


  1. Can I just say that HUXTABLE is the single greatest surname in the history of surnames. But more importantly you are the most stylish is the history of all style that ever was.
    I love your new glasses. I too am bespectacled so I know the love of a new pair of specs. It really is like Christmas.

    1. girl friend its like all the holidays IN ONE

  2. This is so circa 'the cosby show' you captured that era awesomely.


  3. Everything about this post is sheer awesomeness ❤
    You really are Vanessa Huxtable IRL, haha.

  4. Haha, the GIF is too funny.

    J X

  5. Just when I thought your post couldn't get any better... That .Gif!!
    I love everything about your outfit. People need to make more crazy button shirts. And vests like those!
    Ooh, I've been wanting new glasses too...

  6. The gif at the end hahaha!
    Your new bonlook glasses look great.

  7. I am obsessed with the GIF!! Love everything about this post :-)


  8. I saw this post featured in Refinery29, what a great find! And of course, this .gif is hilarious. Did it take long to get the moves right?

  9. HA!!!!!!!!!!! Love the gifs. Lolz.

    You're right. You two are basically twins. You couldn't have nailed her style more perfectly.


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