Hey! what a wonderful kind of day!

silk blouse: vintage 
sweater: vintage 
linen shorts: american apparel 
loafers: Gap 

I'm glad you guys are enjoying my journey through the silky blouse. For our the "Tuesday" look I decided to be a bit more playful. (Plus how perfect is this look for these transitional weather months) This may be a no go for those who work in a super conservative field, but for us girls in biznez cash, this is right up our alley.

Here's an excerpt from the feature "Is it me or are offices almost always cold? Cheer up your coworkers by topping your classic blouse with a kooky sweater." This sweater is honestly one of my favorites. I don't wear it too often on my blog, but in my everyday life I slap it on nearly too much. It always makes a statement without me having to think about it too long. It goes with everything from a chambray dress to high waisted trousers. Erin was telling me she has a bunch of these bad boys! I hope to see more of these sweaters floating around the blogsphere.

Funny note: I bought this sweater as a costume piece to be Arthur...yes...the aardvark. Continue my silk shirt adventures here at the Urbaness!


  1. omg i need those shoes!!!


  2. The jumper is way too cool!

  3. what an incredible sweater— and i love the story behind it!

  4. Gimme dat sweater and dhose loafers nah! :] Ha. Seriously. Such a cute outfit and quirky look!

  5. This outfit is one of my favourites. (Though I'm obsessed with yellow, so I was always going to love that jumper/this outfit.)

  6. Perfect park wearing attire with a book in hand on a cool, crisp afternoon.
    Waah, so much love :)

  7. I love this outfit and I love your blog. Your looks are so unique and you have a great feminine/masculine style :)



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