Back to Work

silk shirt: vintage 
cashmere cardigan: thrifted 
tie: vintage 
high waisted trousers: American Apparel 
belt: H&M 
loafers: F21 
briefcase: mother's LV (vintage) 

It's just another rainy day in Chicago, and all I want to do is hide under the covers and sleep to the lullaby of droplets of water hitting my window. But we're grown up now. Can't take "mental health days" like my mom would let me as a child. I remember sitting in her studio in my jammies and workong by her side not having to go to school. Best way to get over a hump day funk, dressing the part.

Today in 5 days of silk shirts with The Urbaness, I felt like instead of giving up midweek, its time to pull it back together "We had fun on Tuesday, but nothing gets you over hump day like putting yourself in the work mindset. Focus on those projects and get them done; the week is nearly through!" I have to keep reminding myself this, because as the clouds envelope my building, they seem to seep into my mind, making my creative energy...fuzzy.

One thing I really like this look, its sooo...Wes Anderson. PLUS I also look like Richard Ayoade from IT Crowd (my secret twin!)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You do look like you fell out of a Wes Anderson movie! I love the look! I think it's hard to do ties on ladies the right way (without looking like a waitress or a improv troupe), and this is perfect!

  2. I just have to say you are killing it with these work outfits, I'm a librarian and I'm getting lots of inspiration. I love the tucked-in cardigan, what a crazy yet cute idea. You look fab in every post!

  3. Haha, I totally see the Richard Aoyade resemblence (and that's awesome)!
    I love that you rucked in the cardigan :)

  4. Wow you look just like Annie Hall!!

  5. look at that LV bag! i love it!
    and i want to snuggle under the sheets when it rains too. i love rain but i love iwatching it from the inside D:

  6. You're right about the Wes Anderson note.
    And I love the blush color of the pants!

  7. You look fabulous! I would totally wear this to the office, and the color palette is so warm and friendly. Nicely done.

  8. Wow, you look professional, chic AND totally unique! Work is always easier when you're dressed to the nines, but often on hump days I just can't be bothered *cries*

  9. I simply adore this outfit.


  10. wow bianca! love your style. looks like your doing great things. hope to collab again sometime! :) - des

  11. girl, this is outfit is effing perfect! you know how much i love it. also score on your mom's vintage bag!

  12. I love the dusty hues and of the course the Louis


  13. hell yeah, you kill me in this. Now I want to go to American Apparel and spend all my money on these trousers.

  14. Love this outfit! You do work so well, even if you wanted to skive off.


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