{Video} R U MIXED?

Tokens Ep 1- Mixed

Hey guys! I wanted to share something that's been a labor of love on my end. Something I've been working on for over two years! And thats my very own webshow! ( I do too much I know!! HA) I know some of you guys know I dabble in the world comedy, I studied at Second City, theatre minor, all that JAZZ, but when I met one of my best friends in New York almost 3 years ago, we just clicked! 
And together we wrote a show about us just being weird, awkward, token, but most importantly ourselves.

I would be so HONORED if you shared this video with your friends! And if you have a youtube account please SUBSCRIBE!!! 
New episodes coming soon!!!



  1. "they jumped Jordan style over Canada..." I cannot with you! People really do the most with their answer to that question though, but I guess there are so many ways to approach it. I just say black myself, but there are so many things that constitute 'black' that I think it's accurate. Anyway cute video I hope to see more from you guys!

  2. You studied at Second City?! too cool!!

  3. PS "is this relevant" lol

  4. Hahaha I really enjoyed episode 1! That's awesome that you studied at Second City!


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