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bermuda shorts:c/o  Articles of Society
blazer: vintage
denim: old navy
shoes: vintage
hat: c/o D&Y
watch: feral

My friends at Articles of Society sent me these wicked shorts, that I could not wait to throw on and head out to the beach. I'll admit it's been a while since I felt confident enough to wear white pants, but with my continual push to better health, these guys fit like a dream! I do not know why I suddenly felt inspired to be a little Miami Vice at the beach, white blazer and all, but I did feel effortlessly cool.

It's fun to explore some of these beaches on the South Side of Chicago, they're super clean and the architecture is also quiet amazing. So many structures here were built during the Colombian exposition (aka the world's fair) so Chicago always has that European twist everywhere you go. I've had sort of a wanderlust mentality around Chicago recently, trying to explore all the nooks and crannies I can before its bye bye! Oh Chicago, you certainly are beautiful

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  1. Loveee these photos of you. Your hair looks great and I love the denim! :)

  2. Very nice short it suits u so well! White is your color :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL...That denim shirt is calling me! love it

  4. oooooooooaoOOOAOoooooo the 9th photo down (of 5th photo up..)!!! Love it haha~
    I've always wanted to visit Chicago...I have friends that live there for school...and they are always out and about in really cool places~

  5. OMG I wanted to call you Sonny Crockett AND I saw the title ha ha ! Seriously, I was very young, like a little girl and in love with Don Johnson. Plus, he had a domestic crocodile. Aaaah the 80's

    See U !

  6. I love your outfit! Those shorts are awesome! I love your glasses too! What beaches did you go to? I'm from Chicago too and I wanna try to go to the beach before it gets too cold. I usually go to North Avenue Beach or the beaches more towards the north side but if the south side beaches are as beautiful as you say they are maybe I'll check those out!

  7. i can't tell you how much i love this white summer suit. so cute. so summery, but such a good transition outfit.



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