A or B?

At this point of my life I no longer miss school. I mean I miss the idea of a new year, a fresh start, a chance to become a better me, who doesn't love second chances? (I'm currently getting my third chance unpacking and settling in NYC!) But hours of design homework, I don't miss much. I do however miss having the parental excuse to take me shopping for new clothes and new glasses. I remember rainy days of sitting in the optometrist's office and looking through old People magazines. I remember having wind blown in my eye, looking at images of a barn becoming closer or farther. And having a doctor's voice ask me if "this" or if "this one" was better. A or B? A o B? (Plus am I the only one who worries I'm going to choose the wrong prescription?!)

Recently I've been playing with some fall looking and scouting online a bit for new glasses, and debating if it's time to add a new set to my collection. I never toss out an old pair I just add them to the collection I have. (which is quiet a few believe it or not) Bonlook always has been an online favorite of mine. And I was considering trying a new shape? I always go round, but is it time for adding some squares to the mix? We shall see...


  1. I'm ALWAYS worried I'll pick the wrong prescription!

  2. Every new day is a clean slate...in the case that the cliche makes your nostalgia simmer lol

    I like the shirts!

    Chymere Anais

  3. I don't wear glasses, but I always wished I did, haha. I love the way glasses look! I also love that chambray shirt and the penny loafers. Perfection!

    - Samantha

  4. Me too, I don't miss school anymore, just miss the excuse to mingle socially and share a common enemy in homework.

    I've been looking for new frames too - maybe a subtle cateye!


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