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So it's week three of the juice cleanse. And I'll have to say after the second year of doing this, I'm honestly learning to accept my body as is. I've never been little, I was the tallest kid in class until high school, shot up to 5'5" in fourth grade. Plus I've never been "thin" either, or whatever your definition of what thin is. I've always been a bit hippy, even in childhood photos are always the most adorable when I have on ruffled bottoms on. For years, decades even, this bothered me, but recently as I cleanse my body of toxins and one too many Christmas cookies and or Valentines, and possibly Halloween Candy, I've learned to simply love the skin I'm in. Honestly I've been the same size since I was 14 I've may have danced up a size or down but no matter what I do I seem to always land right here where I belong. This use to frustrate me, but now I'm learning to accept it, but not just accept it, LOVE IT. Maybe I am made this way, maybe we aren't all born naturally waif, maybe it's okay to be a blogger and not be the fabulous plus sized mama, or the off duty model. 

Regardless of how thin I can get, I always try to stay active or in shape. It's weird though, even when I'm all svelte my hips are still like bow chica bow bow, maybe I don't fully understand the black woman shape because there's a lack a diversity in the media (cough cough) but I digress! I love love love pilates and yoga! I don't know why! Perhaps its the idea of working out but finding inner peace in the along with it. Abs and a sound mind? Sounds like a win win! I've been admiring some of these looks at Sweaty Betty because they are an active wear line that meets somewhere between cute girl and spunky tomboy, which I feel like I land most days. Some days you feels kawaii, some times you don't. Plus some of these yoga pants they have, like the Calypso Yoga Pants are kinda cute enough to wear outside of the studio on your way to Trader Joes because we can only shop Whole Foods on paydays! The Rhythm Sensitive Dance Pants, is also kind of neato because it brings out my inner Misty Copeland (mega diva inspiration!) The local pilates studio offers ballet inspired ballets, and perhaps my inner child would be totally copacetic with this idea! All I need to spruce of my workout gear is to swing by Sweaty Betty, pick out some yoga clothes and I think I'm good to go! I always like the idea of feeling good even when I work out, because why not feel proud of the body we’re born with in every aspect of the day!

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  1. Hi Bianca,
    Super cool blog!
    I found your blog through your profile at and I´m already a fan.
    I really liked how you mix posts of your daily looks and some of your work as an ilustrator. I really like your Ilustrations!
    Look forward to keep on coming back.


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