in the jeans

Boyfriend, Skinny, Flared, and cropped. Jeans by any other name would fit just as sweet. Well not really. For the longest time I didn’t really care to wear jeans. I nearly stopped for about two years. After college and the freshman 15 ( and the other 5 + years of colleges 15lbs) Then after getting sick and my surgery everything hurt! Wearing high waist loose pants were not just a fashion statement but a necessity. But now as I get back into postgrad shape and my health is better (for the most part!) I feel comfortable wearing jeans. It also only took a year of finding out what a thigh gap is and then turning around and forgetting what a thigh gap for me to feel confident in my jeans. When I was in high school, jeans were a necessity. I was so into 60s punk when everyone else was wearing their flares I was sewing the bottoms of my jeans to be extra skinny, adding zippers and safety pins, scribbling them with pens and paint to make them especially unique. Back then I wasn’t worried about sizing, I was all about customization. I simply bought whatever fit because I was taller than the average bear so having to buy something a little large was no issue to me.

 Now as an adult I’m trying to rekindle that same love for womens jeans. Now that people are starting to notice cheaply made clothing, and demanding better quality clothes, I’m understanding that the jean size at forever21 may not be true. I’m also learning that trying to fit my women’s body in prepubescent junior’s clothing may not be the smartest idea. Or the biggest confidence boost! I’ve recently been looking into true jean brands, like True Religion. In fact I kind of like their recent turn of branding. I remember them being cool, then very “Paris Hilton” and now they’ve seemed to rebranded into something I would be proud to hug my hips. Plus they have cute overalls and boyfriends! In fact I’m in love with the patchwork of the Erin Rolled Cropped Relaxed Overall. Those would totally look cute with a grey sweatshirt or a Breton stripe top. What are some of your jean tips or favorite brands?


  1. ACNE. They're expensive as hell, but I haven't bought a new pair since 2005.

    Weirdly enough, my best pair of jeans right now is some women's Harley Davidson cycling jeans. They're super thick denim but they also have stretch. AND they're hi-waisted. I always like taking a gamble on vintage jawnz.

  2. Love your drawing ! Jeans is my uniform I could buy one each month cause I don't choose big brand anymore Have a nice week end Bianca :) M-C

  3. Ugh, I am one of those sad grown ass women who currently only owns jeans from Target. TARGET. I had a pair of nice Levis with the BOLD CURVE (to fit my patoot) and they fit perfect, but then I ripped a giant hole in them on the side of my friend's car? I don't even know.

    These illustrations are SO cute by the way, please please please keep it up. I guess I'm going to have to give True Religion a looksee!!!

  4. I love 7 for all Mankind jeans. Even though they are expensive it seems to be the only brand that I like.
    Great blog Bianca!
    I came upon it through your profile at and after seeing some of your top posts I had to come by and take a look.

    I just love how you mix the tomboy comfortable look and still look fabulous!
    You´re illustrations are the cutest thing ever!!


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