Growing Up

 photo redfit11_zps04ada74b.jpg
coat: vintage men's YSL (similar) (similar)
gingham: old navy (similar)
necklace: mother's
culottes: asos
illustration: mine

I don't really update this little ole blog anymore do I? Not to say I don't miss it, but as life passes on and we get older (and busier) I don't have the same ample amount of time as I did in college. My photographer can't shoot me at every whim anymore now that he works full time and no longer a block away from my home, and my health has been so topsy turvy that moments of silence on this blog are natural. I also noticed my own cynicism towards blogging that I never had in the beginning. I used to love telling stories posting my looks, but then it became a game of likes, comments, popularity. I no longer liked blogging I just tried to keep my stats up to impress...myself? I stopped dressing for myself and became a caricature of myself + "blogger style" I've decided from this point forward I will dress when I want, how I want, and post whenever I want to. I have made you my lovely readers into people I was afraid of. People I worried would hate me or leave me if I took time for myself. But now I understand. We all continue to grow, we all flourish, we all can't spend days and days taking pictures of ourselves and neglect the responsibilities that lay ahead off the computer. I love you guys, I will continue to blog, I will continue to dress...just know some days are filled with yoga pants, sweatshirts, and illustration deadlines.   photo redfit7_zps4f43ab42.jpg photo redfit5_zps37055247.jpg


  1. Good for you! I'm one of those readers who reads blogs that are more for the sake of the blog, not the numbers, so definitely supporting you in this.

  2. Good for you! I hope your health gets better soon.

  3. I always love seeing your updates and I don't mind that they're sporadic! You just do what you need to do!

  4. Fabulous style! Some of your sentiments towards blogging resonate with me. I've been at it just over a year, but it can be very exasperating at times.Best wishes!

  5. you're so amazing! i love your style and illustration *--*

  6. *nods ferociously* There's something extremely freeing when you realize you've stopped checking your blog stats.

  7. I don't want to get older. How do you stop that process?


  8. Hi Bianca, I've been reading your blog like forever :) Where can I find you when you are not blogging? I have you on IG and I follow your illustrations, keep up the good work girl!! xo from Copenhagen


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