There Will Be Oxblood

oxblood blazer: vintage 
raisin button down: need supply
high waisted burgundy pants: UO 
le tigre brooch: mother's (vintage) 
loafers: f21 
watch: pendleton (vintage)
gold bracelet: gift

Maybe its the cool weather, maybe its those new waves music videos, maybe its the fact that I've been marathoning Paul Dano films, or that Paul Thomas Anderson premiered "The Master" at the Music Box last Thursday.

Whatever it is, all I know is that I am undoubtedly obsessed with oxblood. Call it what you like, burgundy, mauve, rose, dark red, raisin...all I know is that in the words of George Costanza "I would drape myself in it if it were socially acceptable" It looks ravishing against my skin tone and puts me at complete peace. I love it, i want to wear it everyday.

The weather has been forgiving to me enough to let me wear pants and long sleeves. I know i am constantly hearing gripes from people complaining about how cold it has become (same people who complained about the unforgiving heat wave a few weeks back) but i am in love. I'm less stressed, I'm more active, and I'm pleasantly dressed what more could a girl want. 100+ degree weather, no thanks....sweater weather...yes please and thank you!

Now excuse me while I go drink someone's milkshake


  1. Your outfit and these photographs are gorgeous!

  2. It's a trendy color and so great for Autumn, I agree it really suits you well! You did a great job putting together a monotone outfit! I personally don't mind the cooler weather at all, Summer went so quickly, but I enjoy smelling the autumn creeping into the air. And basically I wear a jacket all year round so now I look less out of place haha!

  3. Love these pics. And your hair, your hair... :-)

  4. Love the monochromatic look! Perfect fall color!

  5. i love it! oxblood is the perfect colour for you.

  6. Oooh, yes, ravishing is the perfect word for this outfit! I'm kinda obsessed with monochrome, and this brings tears of joy and envy to my eyes! I drink it right up!


  7. I love the title of this post...clever. I love that movie. The monochrome oxblood looks fantastic on you and I totally agree that oxblood compliments your skin tone quite nicely. It's very similar to you plum lipstick. Awesome bracelet and I love that you still wear a watch. I respect people who wear watches for some reason or another.

  8. That blazer is perfection- and I agree, that colour looks so good on you!
    And now I feel like getting a milkshake too.

  9. I love this! And any outfit that is monochromatic.


  10. Bahaha, the title of this post is awesome! And so are oxblood and your outfit :) I love the mix of fall tones.

  11. Yes I definitely know what you mean about being more comfortable in sweater weather! Or pretty much any weather that allows some sort of layering. I love going up to Illinois to visit family because I love the weather so much more. It's way too hot in Georgia most of the year.
    Also, I love how you've paired different shades of the same color in this outfit. It's so modern-looking and cool!

  12. I love this so much - I would never have thought to wear oxblood on oxblood on oxblood but you're rocking it!

    I kind of get what you mean - by the end of summer I'm always itching for cooler weather. But it's nearing spring here and I'm so ready for the warmth, haha.

  13. "I drink your milkshake!" :P You look FAB in oxblood.

  14. Gah, you are too cool! Look at all those shades of oxblood. AMAZING.

  15. Aw wow! Very cool outfit, love it.
    Is there an effect over the pictures? Nice!

  16. loving the monochromatic look.. on point honey! u inspired a look for me. love hair too by the way.

    hope youll follow back

  17. the last pic is my faaaaaaav. great color on you forreal.

  18. Just discovered your blog through Cali Vintage... LOVE!
    Just thought I would say hello before I start stalking you. Already spotted a photo of you and Twin Shadow (saw him/them a few weeks ago here in Oslo) and an awesome flower headband on Instagram.
    We're off to a fantastic start!
    Have a beautiful day!


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