too much light makes the baby go blind

before i left for europe earlier this month I went to go see TMLMTBGB with my friends in Andersonville. It was my first time seeing this chicago classic show and it was throughly enjoyed. Most of my chums have seen this show before but as for me, dave, and another friend it was our first time.

The show consists of 30 plays that are 2mins each. They hang the plays up on a clothes line and you shout a number and whichever they hear first they jump up and pull one down. The goal is to see all 30 plays in 60 mins, but I think we all about 20. Most of the where pretty good, some where interactive (two of my friends got pulled in) and others fell flat. But you can't expect to have 30 perfect 2 minuet plays--can you? Regardless it was a delightful theatre experience, and I would definitely see them again (they change material every month, i believe)

{what i wore} nautical dress/vintage :: granny shoes/vintage :: little boys military coat/vintage

It was also sweet seeing my friends before I left for europe, whom i had for 6 years now (which is a miracle by anyone's standards...) Despite that they are all male + girlfriends, I'm just happy to have people I trust versus looking for that perfect female friend. But I digress, I need to get back to work. I'm working from home today because I just need one more day before I head back to office life!

I also have some other news, brewing, some of you know some don't..hee hee! but just wait and see :D

welcome to the new blog btw...:P

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