How do you like dem apples?

well I know that I've been keeping this hush-hush for a while (because I am vaguely superstitious) but this "big secret" i've been hiding since April is...


(of course the first thing I did was find the seinfield diner...DUH)

It's truly a dream come true and an outrageous overwhelming experience. I seriously got here all of 12 hrs ago and I'm already loving it. I do feel a bit overwhelmed leaving my friends and family behind but like all things awesome this is merely temporary.

FOR THE SUMMER I will be interning at Time Inc. doing things all graphic designy, and wearing oh-so-chic outfits :P But alas, I will return to the Chi come Fall 2011 (:'()>>lol...

I'm still getting settled in but I'm living in just a stones throw away from Soho, I think I'm in paradise. I would have liked to live in Brooklyn, but I didn't want to end up in Crookyln...(don't know the city that well) but maybe if I decided I would like to lives in NYC forevs...I might have that chance...

HIP HIP HOORAY...okay I needs sleep I start with the big boys in the morn.

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