Liberty Island Fail

(so close but so far away....)

Dave and i tried to hit up liberty island on a whim after getting sushi. Sadly tickets sell out fast and to get up to the crown you need to buy tickets 2 months in advanced...AT LEAST ...i felt really bad and like a terrible host for not allowing dave to see NYC hot spots...and despite coming to nyc time after time ive never seen liberty either ...

So instead of feeling upset we bought tickets online (versus coming there at 8am for tickets *cough* not gunna happen *cough*) for the next day and watch adventure time at the hotel..

Silver lining ya'll...hope you guys had chill weekends. I house sat in brooklyn which was made decent! (my crop top is by bcbg ...i got it at nordstrom on a whim but im gunna a sell it, not very flattering on me i think. Wish it didn't flutter..:/)

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