(rum raisin chiffon shirt, charlotte russe high waisted short, vintage loafers)

I am really learning to push myself more coordinate wise, I think this outfit could have used socks, creepers, maybe a sweater. But unfortunately ive been living out of a suitcase. However, no more excuses, I'm so inspired by Sara Mari, Tori, and Jenny whose style have drastically changed and defined in a years time I want to push myself MORE.

Anyway, in my new york excursion with dave, we decided to hit up Soho, Union Square and Washington Square Park after a Liberty Island fail (post about later) I was wearing a different coordinate earlier that day, but I love my new rum raisin shirt so much I put it back on!

I felt kind of like a bad tour guide not showing dave my favorite joints of NYC while he was here, so I ran him over to some famous parks & to do some shopping in soho, before the night was over! The only thing bought was some pants I got for him at Zara as a belated birthday treat! He did some window shopping at Ben Sherman but no buys. Since I was being kind I didn't want to spend my few hours with him watching me try on clothes, so we only focused on him. We also hit up my favorite pizza place in NYC two boots! Its italian-cajun, and delicious! Vegan & vegetarian friendly, as well. And it was founded my birthday year (87) so WHAT-WHAT!

Dave reeeeeaaally enjoyed two boots that we travel across town to go back the next day for four more slices XD...looking at all these pictures just remind me of how much of a time I had with him!

miss u dave ..and u too pizza

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