coming to america

(gentlemen carry their gurls purse XD)
(what i wore///jumper::vintage//socks::american apparel//shoes::vintage.
On dave: plaid shirt::h&m// pants w/ suspenders::zara)

You guys were so sweet in the previous post! But never fear, dave and I {and fam not shown} DID make it out to liberty land. Dave looking like doctor who, and me looking like a child explored the land of ancestors before us. IT WAS NOTHING LIKE IT WAS ON TV, but it was exciting, history wise. Monumentally speaking, its ok. Its nothing to lose your mind over. I think its truly for what it stands for than what it really is. I spent the whole day being really hungry, denying myself "carnival food" (or any main attraction junk food) and waiting until we could eat something decent on the main land. Where we made it out to Brooklyn to my new favorite joint Lokal. Its super affordable and chic and DELICIOUS. tons of veterinarian choices and MUAH SUPERB. Plus rosemary fries are TO DIE...sadly i was too hungry to do any food snaps..

MY BAD YA'LL....we also did a late night run back to two boots and watch movie trailers until the wee hours of the morning. The next day I had to send my Panda back. :'( we rode together on the coach bus to Newark and said our goodbyes. I actually cried a bit because I really do love this man. I'm actually looking forward to going back to Chicago. I think I've been away from her long enough to miss her. But never fear...NYC is definitely my next permanent location.

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