women i find kawaii

I don't know why i have been blogging so much, maybe because i am not looking forward to spending a holiday weekend w/o family ;_;


I thought a share a quick post about people that I find ultra inspiring when it comes to my wardrobe.

Bernadette Peters:
her hair! HER HAIR, hair evny much? Gosh I never want to cut another curl until it looks like this. I always crushed on Bernie, from the jerk, to that terrible cinderella remake with brandy, to watching her in slaves of new york (one of my favorite movies that inspired me to come here!) And she's JUST SO FRIGGIN KAWAII, I MEAN LOOK AT HER...

Elaine Benes:
I know I mentioned her before but I won't go on too long. I was fascinated by her as a kid, and I think she is one of the reasons I behave the way I do today. She is an icon! And her floral dresses + oversized suit jacket combo is my favorite. I'm filling my closet this fall with florals and plaids. And I'm not caring what anybody thinks!

Angela Chase & Rayanne Graff from My so called life:

I just finished the last episode (sob..sob) which I might just watch again because the clothes on her ARE TO DIE, especially that pendleton jacket angela wears (TO DIE) I love how the cats wears the same clothes, its so realistic! Versus shows were the cast have an endless supply of clothing. I see myself in both characters not just one.

who do you find kawaii? Is it too soon to think fall? Its my favorite season, my birthday season! I'M JUST LOVIN PLAID AND FLORALS, I think I need some new oxfords and some creepers would be nice too!

(by the by new post on the webcomic, I swear i'll stop bombarding you soo ;D)

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