the baxter

After watching wet hot american summer for the first time last week I was definitely on a michael showalter binge, so I decided to watch his other lesser known film "the baxter" and it was much too cute.

Its a story about a guy who instead finds the love of his life, is the one who gets left at the alter. This guy is played by Showalter who falls in love with Cecil (Michelle Williams, who looked as cute as Jenny) by accident, while being engaged to Caroline Swan (Elizabeth Banks) who is still in love with her ex Bradley (Justin Theroux...amirite justin??!) Paul Rudd is also Michelle's bf in the beginning.

I won't tell you too much of the story but despite receiving horrible reviews, I thought this movie was very sweet and sometimes theres nothing wrong with a sweet movie with an adorable cast. The story was also good IMO, and i normally hate rom-coms.

I also got the chance to see Mr. Showalter at Bryant Park last week as well, he was doing a reading of his book Mr. Funnypants (not to be confused with Tina Fey's book Ms. Bossypants) The best part was him threatening to give an audience member a knuckle-sandwich for ignoring him over a pigeon...

i love new york.

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