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(what I'm wearing: forest green turtle neck dress: american apparel, shoes: vintage)
song: glass candy : candy castles

dave and I did this spontaneous photo session during an impromptu donut run (i've been having those recently...I mean...PUMPKIN DONUT...) I love how these pictures turned out I wish we took more but I was nervous of getting yelled at by donut people. These pics came out very sleepy hallow and PERFECT for this upcoming weekend! (It also kind of reminds me of the movie Drive) I feel uber sultry in my american apparel dress. I mean it fits like a glove but I'm all covered up! I love be unconventionally sexy, but let's be honest I just love being unconventional. Plus it's hard not to feel "like a woman" when wearing american apparel, there clothes fit so well, and I love how their ads always feature women of color, and it doesn't seem novel!

So I want to leave you all this as we wait to get wild this weekend and pretend to be something were not or what we wish to be! Are you doing anything for the season? I'm just going to go people watching. What's your costume, mine will be a surprise ;)


  1. sexy panther! nom nom, i love all pumpkin flavored things this season :D

  2. Love the look, ver sultry!

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  3. Wow you pull this off so well! So lucky you found thrifted boots, they didn't have my size in stock at the shop so they sent them to me a couple of days later. They're perfect now!

  4. You do look super femme fatale! Love it ♥

  5. Wow a spontaneous photo shoot, I want one if those!!!! Your blog is so cool, and you look loads pretty in that dress. YAY for you.

  6. man i've heard nothing but good things about Drive, i need to see it
    and great pic :D i can never wear a dress like that =( i wish i could though

  7. I stumbled onto your blog and then saw that you are from Chicago too. SO, I basically had to comment not to mention your outfits are pretty great. Glad I found you.

  8. how are you so beautiful even when running errands/grabbing a quick bite to eat? goodness.
    and can't wait to see your costume!

  9. love this miss, im ur new follower pls follow me back

  10. I love this! Do you have anymore photos from this shoot? I'd love to see them!


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