pop art

(what im wearing, polka dot blouse: thrifted, mint shirt: LUSH, mustard mini: urban o, "trashy" (b/c theyre torn now) tights: h&m, shoes: vintage , necklace: moms)

sometimes I forget to bring on the avant garde to my avant blargh. so here's a little pop art for you! I love mixing colors and forcing things to match even though they aren't originally supposed to. I was inspired by this glass necklace and wallah, a coordinate was born! I did these pics comic book style of course, because I'm not sure if I made this case clear enough in the past BUT, i LOVES ME SOME COMICS, like really! I'm a big ole nerd in case you were wondering! I used to be a bigger nerd actually, I feel like I have grown out it in some ways. Can any of my fellow nerdy ladies back me up on this??? I think I noticed it BIG TIME at this past comic book convention in August, I felt so displaced and meh about the whole thing while some of my guy friends were like "OMG, GLOMP" .....its fun every once and a while. I think I'm in the limbo of too much geek to be a hipster too hipster to be a geek.

ah well, I like being a party of one.


hey guys