death of a salesman


(im wearing, DNKY blazer- vintage, silk colbat shirt- vintage, high waisted khakis- bershka, flats & belt- vintage)

I have my "angry eyes" on during this shoot, oh well, I just got done with an audition, and I think I was still nerves. I really love strolling down Milwaukee Ave, in Chicago. All these old Furniture stores that look unnervingly outdated. With gold lame tigers, and other really gaudy nonsense we don't need in our homes. Plus pre-plastic covered sofas, what more do you need???

Seriously though, I might buy stuff like this to decorate my home, just to be ironic, haha, maybe a gold jaguar holding up a glass table? It might need to be done. Truth be told, my parent's home did not look too different from this when styles like these were HOT HOT HOT in the 90s, I mean, they've gone all contemporary now, but when I look at old pictures in 1997 with all of us wearing tracksuits, I can only laugh.

Don't you love old neon parts of town? Makes me sad that people tear these neat little establishments down for another trendy cupcake shop, because that's what we need....cupcakes....or froyo


  1. lol I so love your ramblings, Bianca XD
    & just fyi, my grandmother TOTALLY had a plastic covered sofa back in the day *bricked*

  2. You know what I really liking that black children angel paint I can picture it hanging in one of my family member's house. I get what you mean I sorta miss that 90s scene.
    love your blazer it goes great with your outfit!

  3. Amazing outfit dear and great blog!
    Following! Follow back? <3

  4. Haha...there are parts of L.A where these shops are alive and well. Definitely a nice piece of the past. Hope the audition went well! The angry eyes gave these pics a touch of fierceness. ;)

  5. Hi Bianca,love, love your colors! girl you are talented! you would love my neighborhood! we still have those stores around here along with the trendy places!

  6. Such a great look! I love your style... love all the color. AND YOUR HAIR! So pretty <3

  7. love your look! you have awesome hair!


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