life is a highway

blazer: vintage
neck piece: vintage
button down: f21
high waisted pants: vintage ralph lauren
boots: UO

you win some you lose some. and any blogger knows when it comes to photography, well, sometimes you can't always win. I dress up almost everyday for you guys, but there's some things I learned about blogging. Lighting, lighting, and lighting. With bad lighting, looks come out blurry or sometimes they just don't translate. In this case, the light was SO BRIGHT that most of my snaps of this look came out a completely distorted. Any photographer knows high noon light IS THE MOST UNFORGIVABLE creating harsh shadows, and etc. So sadly I can't show you all the pics of this I would love to, but I'll just let you know, I loved this look! I was vibing Anne Catherine pretty hard that day, being all neutral and nude. I also got to wear my mother's vintage neck piece. I super love it. Favorite part of the whole look!

Oh & thanks everyone for the birthday blog wishes! I have so much to share! I'm so excited!


  1. I adore your blog, every single outfit you come up with is so inspiring, you're one of my fashion heros!!! Never ever stop blogging!!

  2. you're hair is so pretty and i loveeeee your style!

    following :)

  3. Oh! I love the pants! Whattt I want them. Also, the collar clips are so cool! I want some. You are mega coool!

  4. Love the neutral look on you so much, & I agree that neck piece is awesome! ♥
    Lighting can seriously be a bitch though, I know... At least you have a good camera though, haha.

  5. loovee this look! that neck piece is so gorgeous! & I can totally relate to the lighting problem lol.. I go through it all the time


  6. Super cute outfit, the clips on your collar are especially magical!

  7. That neck piece is to die foorrrrrrr.


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