happy birthday blog

(some of my favorite looks thus far. obviously that mint shirt is a favorite of mine, how many times can you spot it. IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING, and of course I got it in nyc, but you can get it on sale @ need supply)

2 days late but it makes it more fashionable, of course of course!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG. Okay I know I've been dead since turkey day (food coma maybe?) But it was finals week and then I was working this big event in Chicago (more deets later) YES IT HAS BEEN CRAY CRAY and I missed you EVER DAY!!! BUT I AM SO HONORED TO ANNOUNCE avant blargh's 1st birthday. ITS BEEN A RUSH!

I honestly feel like my turning point was last d├ęcembre when I became more serious about my blogging. Before than on my old blog, I was ALL OVER THE PLACE posting about food, sometimey fashion, rants, raves, all in-between. I NEVER HAD FOCUS, until now! After my trip to Paris, London, and New York this summer, I DEFINITELY got more serious, maybe it was the inspirational fashion of these cities that made me WAKE UP and what to do what I really wanted to do.

I was always really scared to go into fashion blogging, I had so many excuses; money, weight, no one would care. Why would the world need another fashion blogger? How could I ever be as great as those I admire like Dylana and Erin? But THE DAY I returned from New York City from my summer internship, I was like "THAT'S IT. LETS DO THIS." I grab Dave and we haven't stopped. I've seen avant blargh transform before my very eyes, and some of my best followers who followed me in my egg roll days have told me countless times how they love the new me!

Sure my fashion sense will never been demin cutoff and litas, and yes I wear strange glasses and have massive hair. And I know I'll always be sarcastic and have this big ole badunk a dunk I call a butt. But that's me. And I know there a lot of girls weird like me who were like YES FINALLY when I busted into the scene, and I love each and every one of you-never stop being weird. Thank you for accepting me for who I am, and continuing on this journey with me.

Now let's sing the first 5 seconds of "Happy Birthday" before we have to pay royalities......


  1. Congratulations! I really love all the outfits you wear and I think playing on our individuality makes us unique in the blogging world. My favourite look of yours is the green outfit with the red polka dots, I really want to brave an equally striking combination. Looking forward to more outfits!

    Your massive hair is my favorite. Sometimes we just need the right inspiration to put us in a more adjusted direction~ I'm so happy for you~ I'm happy that you're happy!!!!

  3. Congrats! My blog bday is coming up too, exciting stuff! great looks!


  4. Happy Birthday Avant Blargh! Congratulations on your endeavor Bianca. It must be super exciting. Love your collage of past looks. They're all super cute and inspiring. I'm really liking the one of you and your polka dot sweater and polka dot tights. :]

  5. Happy birthday. Hope your blog had an excellent day. (bad joke numero uno.)
    I always love your outfits and you seem to have an awesome and interesting life. Keep up the awesomeness.

  6. love your style and your amazing hair!

    happy birthday avant blargh!!


    Bang & Buck

    Wishing you many many more & I am so so happy that you decided to finally go this route with your blog & your lifestyle... You really are a style icon in your own right, never change ♥♥

  8. Happy birthday Avant Blargh, you deserve a good year.

    P.S. I really love your massive, fierce, hair. :)

  9. Yay happy birthday!!! You have developed so much and getting cooler than ever :D

  10. Yay!! Here's to many more years of being fab!

  11. I am in love with your whimsy chic look. Also, very happy to have stumbled across such a lovely blog.



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