remembering Paris (pt 1)

( i seriously adore this last picture I took, she embodied the perfect french woman in my eyes, beautiful, effortless, chic, and even looks great with me snapping her photos while walking through the louvre)

I can't believe 2011 is almost over, I'm not ready! I honoring this great year and my blog's birthday I decided to get a little nostalgic and reflect on my trip to Europe. Though London was amazing, Paris has a deeply special place in my heart. I've never felt so at home until I was there. I mean my family is french but I'm fairly american. I finally felt "normal" when I walked through those dizzying streets, and quickly accepted the Parisian lifestyle. I wanted to share some photos of my trip with you but I have so much to share! So I'll have to do it in a few parts.

Oh a few lessons from my trip;

Lesson one: Parisians are lovely people, and if anyone tells you other wise, they probably did something to piss them off.

Lesson number two: if your french is tres rusty (like mine!) and you need to tell someone something in English. Say it in a french accent, NO LIE, it totally works.


a side note: I blended in tell well in Paris, I could tell it was home, I got asked over 10 times where something was BY AMERICANS, ENGLISH, AND FRENCH it was funny, made me feel like I was doing something right....haha!


  1. a side note: I blended in tell well in Paris, I could tell it was home, I got asked over 10 times where something was BY AMERICANS, ENGLISH, AND FRENCH
    That is beyond amazing, haha! These photos are so gorgeous & dreamy... I wish I could visit ♥

  2. Fabulous photos!

    I wish I could take a trip out to France some time - but no, this year is for NYC!


  3. Gorgeous pictures. I really love the last photo as well. The woman with the curly is super pretty. I want her hair!

  4. Haha...that side note is awesome! XD Ok, but lesson number two? Too freaking funny!!!

    French women have an enviable effortless approach to fashion. <3 it!!

    (Nah, I've been listening to Fiddy. You'll see why in my next post :P)

  5. P.S Happy b-day to Avant Blargh!!!!!! :D

  6. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! You really captured the essence of Paris :) I love your blog!!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  7. Wow love your photos, glad you had a great time, I seriously need to spend more time there! I must go back through you posts and find your London pics!
    I think I get invited to events because I'm on a few PR lists and live in London where most of them are. There's so many more now in comparison to when I first started blogging!

  8. haha you definitely are doing something right
    i want to go too ;__; soon

  9. My city!!!
    I live in Paris and I love the way you described it :) Beautiful pics!


  10. I'm now going to affect a French accent.


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