we survived nuclear seasons

velvet peekaboo shirt: vintage
knit maxi: vintage
jacket: not sure
shoes: vintage via urban renewal
tights: target

gold collar: f21
carousel ring: f21

back in the day when I still had long hair, I channeled my inner 80s baby and wore all black to the beach. Sure you can't tell its beach but its a park on the outskirts of lake michigan (lincoln park to be exact) I let my hair fall wherever it pleased, mixed velvet with knits and danced in the wide open space like winona ryder in the crucible. These were good times.

the weather has been a little forgiving recently, mayhaps its time to make one last trip to the lakeshore before snowpocalypse


  1. Love it, especially with the collar ♥

  2. super cool! i love your hair :D

  3. the different textures of black + that amaze gold collar really set off this look.

    J x

  4. Love this outfit. Love the different mixtures of textures. I really like your "peekaboo" top. It's a rare dichotomy of sexy and demure.

    PS. Snowpocalyspe 2011 literally scarred me for life. I'm hoping that it doesn't snow more than 2 inches at a time. I won't be able to handle if it's more than that.

  5. In love with your velvet shirt! Nice combination of darker colors and gold collar.

  6. I have never seen that gold collar be coordinated with anything. Now I understand. Thank you :D

  7. I LOOOOVE that shiiiirt

  8. Ooh the lighting on these is GORGEOUS *o* Also, I have to echo everybody else and say that collar is genius <3_<3

  9. I was just gonna say I just loved how luxe this day time look was when I learned it was taken beachside, at which point I choked on my breakfast danish and fell a little more in love with you



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