who doesn't love cats?

(all illustration is by Veronica Fish)

I felt like it was time to bring some more avant art to my avant blog....A while back I had my good friend and illustrator Veronica Fish do these BEAUTIFUL illustration combining the love for cute kitties, and spring trends (for my ol' zine I had back in the day). I can't remember all the brands of the items, but I do know that some are very recognizable! (like them litas! hello!) Are not not totally stoked for neons and pastels?

I'm just reminiscing for spring. It was SO lovely out today felt like 60 degrees HOWEVS...I was being a good designer and doing coding all day. When I finally made a run to the market, it was sadly....40 degrees...in the words of toe jam and earl "total bummer"

Anyways, nothing can cheer me up more than my good friend's art, spring trends, and CATS. Plus this slideshow from Refinery 29, will have us all prepared for when it's FINALLY NICE OUT.


  1. I was just looking at spring items today and thinking that you TOTALLY CALLED ALL THESE THINGS last year! Way to go!

    You are too kind, stay gold, lady!

  2. These are so pretty. How talented is your friend!

  3. These are absolutely adorable! Seriously, who doesn't like cats?!

  4. Love the ilustrations these have a vinteg feel :)

  5. wow, these illustrations are amazing!

    just lovely! Your blog is addictive.


  6. I love love her drawings! & I totes recognised the JC's, haha! XDvv


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