sping awakening

salmon pants: H&M
funny people shirt: thrift
mint cowl: H&M
wool blazer: vintage
shoes: f21
purse: vintage chanel
rose gold watch: xmas from mommy

It's slowly starting to turn into spring. I am thrilled to incorporate Spring colors along with fall silhouettes. But honestly, I'm ready to be bare legged and short sleeved! I am currently obsessed with pinky salmons & minty blues. It's nice to go out in just a jacket than a full throttle coat. I love mild weather, enough to layer but still be cute. I hate being uber hot and super cold, I want my outfit to be the star, not the weather elements.

I wore this outfit to see Twin Sister (again!) I love those guys. I absolutely adore how the lead singer dresses in like, full 80s cosplay! I wanted to wear something comfortable though. Usually I'm all about Nasty Gal style mini dresses for concerts, but since I had both work and school before hand I decided that comfort was a must! PLUS, the concert didn't even start until midnight, so I didn't want my feet to be hurting and my legs to be cold! Regardless, I had an AMAZING time as always, made me feel as though I was back in NYC.

I also met up with a good friend of mine for BBQ before hand! It was DELISH, BBQ is my vice! for sure! Plus--it reminds me of warmer weather!

Oh please spring, won't you come home tonight?

(ps sorry for being MIA and not commenting on your blogs recently! I am always reading them, its just midterms and craziness back at home argh!)


  1. I freaking adore your style!

  2. You look so fabulous. I love the vintage wool jacket with those salmon pants!!

  3. Oh, that shirt! It's amazing. As are the shoes. And need I mention the Chanel? ;)

  4. can't wait for spring here...

  5. LOVE your shirt. It looks like a bunch of old Thurber cartoon heads. I'm kind of in love with your glasses as well. You look awesome, as always.

  6. I love these fresh colours on you ♥ The mint cowl is amazing!

  7. These photos of you are stunning. I think that has to be one of your best outfits I've seen you in. Love the pastel jeans and cowl paired with the leopard print flats. You hit it on the mark, grrrlll!

  8. You have the best color combinations!

  9. you look amazing as always dear


  10. Love this look and all the looks in your blog :) I've always loved the combination of red and mint :)


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