this is why my back hurts

After reading Julia Topaz's "whats really in my bag" I LITERALLY LOL'd, it was brilliant and cheeky and far from the classic organized perfection of what's really in a woman's bag. Because let's get real ladies, we all have strange receipts, miscellaneous cough drops, and free samples from Sephora. And if you're like me, you pack for EMERGENCIES carrying every necessity possible needed. Only thing missing from this picture is my Wakatsuki ♥ Chinatsu make up bag and Nikon D50.

Also note that I am very much a tote bag girl. Perhaps it stems from me being a practical college student. I've never been a "GIRLY GIRL" in fact 99% of my friends are male, and I didn't start carrying a purse until I was a senior in high school. It has always been a belabored process with my mother for me to "be a woman" but pfffft, purses can't carry sketchbooks, comic books, cameras AND ALL THE THINGS I NEED...Though I do fancy a cute tote bag (my favorite being my Paul & Joe bag.) And every once and a while I'll carry a classic Chanel ;) THOUGH TO BE CLEAR, not much a fan of backpack either, though they are aesthetically pleases, being hippy I don't like to carry a lot of things in my pockets, NOR do I like to reach behing myself to grab my wallet ALL DAY. Plus they've yet to make a backpack for women with....junk in zee trunk, so backpack tend to hover over my derriere, which is rather uncomfortable.

Contents: (organized by area)
1. My non Mac Pro, HP...yes I AM a graphic designer, and born in the 80s....
2. Moleskin & French Milk comic by Lucy Knisley (AWESOME daily diary about an american in paris)
3. Snacks from starbucks, splenda for if its "not sweet enough"
4. An accumulation of ALL the handouts I've received in ALL my classes, plus another sketchbook, and notebook.
5. Marc Jacobs wallet, NON iphone ( phone...bleh)
6. Primsacolors, pens, a spoon....
7. Bank Statements, reciepts, coupons, bills, keys (with a benny's (high end liquor store) and a dick blick's (art store) member's card (CAUSE IM A BALLIN ART STUDENT))
8.2 packs of gum (why..) 2 bottles of excedrin (why..??) two bottles of lotion (why..???!) + a loose piece of trident and a hair clip
9. skeleton gloves...
10. phone charger, "jesus saves" change holder (note loose change elsewhere, I actually use this to hold my "lady products"), red headband/earmuff, glasses case, and another point and shoot camera.

*note that a carry a lot of doubles...:/

see...this is why, my back hurts...after doing this, I immediately cleaned out my bag..HAH!


  1. Haha, I LOVE that you carry your phone charger with you! & 2 packs of gum, YES! I thought I was the only one with excessive gum syndrome XD

  2. I love tote bags too, solely because you can fit books, in any shape, size or form, in them. Including notebooks! And it doesn't hurt that most toe bags have cute/rad designs on them.

    Loved this post :)

  3. i dont carry a bag..i am kind of a minimalist in that sense ( i mean i do use a bag when i need it but i would prefer not to) but it's also cause im really lazy

  4. I love that pendleton print! AND skeleton gloves!!

  5. that post title! :P Good idea to clean it out! I need me some of those skeleton gloves...

    (Bianca, thank you!!)

  6. hello to a fellow chicagoan :)

  7. French Milk?! Sounds like a fun read!
    And I adore your tote bag!


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