casually snapped again

Photos by Anna from Pretty The Fool

I think I'm on a roll you guys, its fun to be street snapped, even when its on my most casual days. Again we're back at the Randolph Market, where I got to meet Anna Roeder, who looked like she stepped out of a 1960s British Vogue. She is so cute and lovely, and she asked to take my picture! It was very honored especially since I was dressed very casual cause it was SO HOT! Like 97 degrees hot! Thankfully its gone back to the 70s (in June, I know!) but I love it a little chilly. I can wear exactly what I want, and be cute under a sweater.

Though the heat will definitely challenge my style. This day....I kept it simple. I'm wearing a vintage leotard, skirt, and espadrilles. Something to scooch around in, as my mother would say, as I looked around the market. Check out Anna's blog if you get the chance. The whole layout is like a stream of consciousness filled with street snaps, DIYs, and vintage pictures. Its definitely got that Tavi's older cool sister vibe to it, which I love!

PS. Here's another reminder to come to the Madewell event I'm hosting this Friday!! Clicky Click for more deets ;) xoxox


  1. I love your espadrilles! (and everything else of course)

    The Wearist

  2. I know her blog I didn't know she was doing street style. I love street style from around the world the everyday looks are the best your look is proper street style :)

  3. You are getting more famous by the day! Love those specs btw. Wish I could be at the Madewell event. <3

  4. Just spent a lovely 30+ minutes browsing your blog. Big big fan of your vintage styling. Hope to see you 'round Chicago!


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