its not unusual

candy striped blouse: beautiful shyt vintage 
cardigan: target
high waisted linen shorts: american apparel
collar clips: my mothers (vintage)
flatforms: UO
watch: vintage pendleton

 Remember Carlton Banks dancing to Its Not Unusual  on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? I was reminded of that when I was editing these photos and realized that I some how channeled my inner Carlton. Not so much a right winged conservative to hopes to one day be president....but maybe more of his preppy nerdy side, who likes to listen to his parents music. There's nothing wrong with getting down with some oldies and as for me classic 80s jams are always on repeat. Hall & Oates, anyone?

I always loved how the preppy was often considered the villain in 80s-90s media, like Steff on pretty in pink. But like Andy I always found them midly alluring...from big shoulders to a decadent lifestyle it all seems like a synthesized version of the French Rococo period. Still complete with pastel clothing and big hair. Maybe that's why I'm so attracted to it....

Therefore, this is my tribute to Rococo 80s prep, big hair, big shoulders, and all around saturated cheekiness. Lets all eat some cake, shall we?

But before that  I leave you with this...

Happy Friday ;)


  1. You look awesome! Love the shoes :) xx

  2. You look so great in lime!!

    OMG THAT SHOW - I freaking LOVED it - watched it every chance I got growing up

  3. I love that show aahh that video brings me back haha! Your outfit totally reminds me of Carlton :) Love the shirt and glasses! x

  4. I love that shirt,now I can't stop thinking about Carlton lol!

  5. you inspire me :), amazing as usual!

  6. Gorgeous outfit, and thank you for commenting on my blog! Just did a massive blog stalk of your posts, love your style <3 xo

  7. lovin your carlton inspired getup lady. tying a sweater over your outfit certainly takes preppy to the next level. you look great in shoulder pads. i have broad shoulders and immediately cut them out even before giving them a chance because i have such broad shoulders. loving the color combo you have going on over here.

  8. Love your outfit and now that song is stuck in my head!

  9. Another perfect summer outfit! You do a very good job at Rococo 80s prep! Also, what brand/color is your lipstick? I love it!!

    As a side note, It's Not Unusual is one of my all time favorite oldies songs! However, when I was in high school I hated it! Have you ever hated a song so much, you had to listen to it when it came on so you could think about how awful it was? Eventually, I listened to it so much that I realized I loved it, lol!


  10. hihi that carlton dance really reminds me to this these days:
    such a great song too ^^

    i like your outfit as well! (ofcourse!)

  11. I didn't realize there were others obsessed with Hall and Oates!! love them.. and excellent blog..

    Please visit mine if you can!

  12. AH MAN. Carlton is my favorite.

    Your shorts fit you really really really well and your shoes are so cute!!!

  13. Big fan of stripes in anyway! Love the colours and hair as usual!x

  14. I'm loving the Carlton inspiration and 80's prep style of this outfit! Your top is so cute and I love the sweater tied around your neck.
    I, too, also enjoy a good 80's song. I tend to drive around with the 80's station blaring for all the hear. I can't help it! The tunes are so good!

  15. love it when style is referential! from pop culture to periods in history. thankfully style doesn't always have to be dictated by designers. let's bring on the inspiration, as you did here!


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